Welcome incoming frosh and transfer Students!



Incoming Frosh: For enrollment help, please refer to the Getting Started Guides in your Canvas Course. Please note that many of the curriculum related materials currently on our website do not apply to you. Updated 2019 - 2020 curriculum materials will be added to our website soon. 


Incoming Transfers: For enrollment help, please refer to your Canvas Course and wait for email correspondence from our office. We will be reaching out to transfer students in late July with course recommendations and critical enrollment information.

Advising Hours

The Baskin School of Engineering is welcoming a large incoming frosh and transfer class for Fall 2019. In summer we will need to prioritize our time in order to prepare for their orientation and enrollment. 

The Undergraduate Affairs Office will be closed from Monday, July 1 - Friday, August 9. Responses to messages will be slower than usual during this time. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience in advance but look forward to reopening on Monday, August 12.

Please visit our Advising Hours and Information page for information about our Open Hours


Congratulations BSOE Class of 2019




BSOE Commencement June 14th, 4:00 pm East Field Watch Live Stream Video HERE. 



BSOE Course Renumbering

Beginning Fall 2019, many BSOE Courses will have changed course numbers and codes (please note that the Biomolecular Engineering (BME) and Computational Media (CMPM) Department courses are not affected by this change).   Below is a resource to assist students with identifying the new course numbers for the classes they plan to enroll in.  The content of courses will not be changing, with the exception of the new introductory Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) programming sequence.  Please note that the new CSE programming courses are not included in this document.

To see course re-numbering, look HERE.


BSOE Course Renumbering Information

Applied Mathematics

Biomolecular Engineering (Bioengineering & Bioinformatics)

Computational Media (Computer Game Design)

Computer Science and Engineering, (Network & Digital Technology, Robotics Engineering & Computer Engineering and Technology and Information Management)

Electrical & Computer Engineering



Undergraduate Student Affairs Mission Statement

In support of the broader vision of the Baskin School of Engineering (BSOE), the mission of the Undergraduate Student Affairs Office (USAO) is to facilitate students' journeys toward a successful undergraduate education.

To promote the success of all students, the USAO provides clarity of policies, procedures, and resources available to facilitate students' self-sufficiency in navigating their undergraduate education from pre-matriculation to graduation.

The USAO advises students on engineering curriculum and connects students to academic programs and opportunities that enhance their undergraduate experience and preparation as engineers for the 21st century.