Additional Cal Grant Eligibility for Masters of Education Students

Dear Student,

This is an opportune time for graduating seniors to continue your education in the UCSC Master of Arts and Credential Program.

First, you will be joining a career which will allow opportunites to collaborate with colleages to create safe, nurturing, and academically challenign learning opportunities for all studentsl; second, you will no doubt have opportunities every day to make a positive difference in the lives of multiple students from backgrrounds that are traditionally marginalized by schooling; third, due to the great need in Clifornia for teachers there are currently a number of funding opportunities not that will not likely be availabe in the future.

Funding Opportunities (there are many more)

The first funding opportunity is the California Golden State Teaching Grant; there is a very simple application and most applicants are awarded $20,000 to put toward their credentials. This covers the majority of the cost of tuition and fees for our program. If you would like information on where to apply, please click here. If the schools whishes to hire you, you are oblibated to teach there for 4 years. 

The second opportunity is only for student who received the Cal Grant as an undergrad, and who begin their credential program within 15 months of last receiving Cal Grant funding. If you would like information on this 5th year of funding, again a simple application with a possiblity of obtianing between $12,500 and $14,500, please click here.

Finally, though we have not yet secured this final opportunity, we are applying and hope to be able to offer multiple teacher residency grants, with which selected participants receive $25,000 for their student teaching. If the schools at which you do the residency whishes to hire you, you are oblibated to teach there for 3 or 4 years. 

See the UCSC MA/Credential Program and admission requirements to learn more.

Application Workshop (applications are due January 31, 2023)

We are holding an application workshop tomorrow on Zoom here at this link, 5:30 to 6:30pm.

If you have questions, please contact Soleste Hilberg, Program Director, at