Advising Information

Academic Advising

  • BSOE Undergraduate Advisers
    Experts on the engineering major requirements, policies, and procedures.
  • College Academic Preceptor
    Available to help you with general education process, academic difficulty, and other issues.
  • BSOE Faculty Advisers
    Assigned when you declare your major. Faculty advisors are able to help you select elective courses, long-term professional planning, final projects, involvement in faculty research projects, availability of internships, and career choices.
  • BSOE Undergraduate Mailing List
    The BSOE Undergraduate Mailing List provides information specific to currently enrolled undergraduate engineering students regarding internships, job openings, how to declare your major, changes in major requirements and class schedules, student organizations and other pertinent information. It is your responsibility to check your email regularly for updated information sent out to the distribution list. You will automatically be assigned a free UCSC email account. The BSOE will use your UCSC account to contact you. If you would like to be added to the Undergraduate Mailing List, please submit a request to