BSOE Major Declaration Appeal Process

Appeals are for continuing students who:
  • are over the limit of non-passing grades for their major
  • are not meeting the GPA for their major

  • are in their 6th quarter and have not completed all their major qualification courses

  • have already submitted an MQV by current quarter deadline

Please review all tabs below for important information regarding the appeal process

Major qualification requirements:

Major Qualification requirements can be found here.


The Winter 2021 appeal period will open on Monday January 4, 2021. The deadline to submit an appeal for Winter 2021 will be Sunday January 31, 2021. 



Major Qualification Verification

  • Complete and submit your respective MQV (Major Qualification Verification) form online as indicated on Step One of the Major Declaration page
  • You must be logged into Google with ONLY your UCSC e-mail account to access these forms.
  • Within 5-7 business days after submitting the online BSOE MQV form, you will receive an email from our office indicating that your form has been processed and informing you of your next steps. If an appeal is required, this email will include a PDF copy of your MQV form.  At this point you will be directed to submit an appeal via the google form provided in the email. For more information about the attachments needed, please proceed to the next tabs.


Academic Planning Form


  Please submit an Academic Planning Form detailing your academic plan through completion of the major. The Academic Planning form does not need to be signed by an advisor prior to submission.


  1. To assist with creating an academic plan we recommend that you refer to the major curriculum chart of the year that you are following for a list of all course requirements. BSOE curriculum charts can be found here.  On the curriculum chart, cross off all completed courses to help you keep track of course progress. When putting together your plan, we recommend you try to schedule no more than two major classes per quarter. 
  2. Refer to the BSOE course schedule to find out when BSOE courses are being offered and add these to the front of the curriculum chart.  Make sure you pay attention to prerequisites. To locate prerequisites consult the General Catalog. Click on Programs and Courses, then at top of Programs and Courses, click on Links to Programs by Department, then click on Course Descriptions.
  3. Refer to the Physical and Biological Sciences (aka PBSCI) Enrollment website for information about course scheduling, and prerequisites for all Physical and Biological Sciences courses.  These include biology, chemistry, math, physics, etc.
  4. Sample plans for your major can be found in the following locations: General Catalog.  Click on Programs and Courses, then at top of Programs and Courses, click on Links to Programs by Department.  Please keep in mind that these are templates.  You may need to modify these plans for your circumstances.  If you are following a catalog year other than 2018-19, please refer to that year’s catalog as sample plans may be different based on that year’s requirements. (scroll all the way down to see the template)
  5. If you would like your Academic Plan reviewed before submitting your appeal, you can come into open counter hours and meet with a peer adviser.  

Unofficial Transcripts

  • Students appealing Computer Science, Technology & Information Management, or Electrical Engineering are required to submit unofficial UCSC transcripts. Please review these instructions for accessing and downloading your student advising summary
  • All students appealing need to submit unofficial transcripts for any major related coursework taken at an institution other than UCSC. If you have not taken major related coursework at another institution, this does not apply.

Statement of Appeal

The statements should aim to be 1-2 pages, although students are allowed to submit longer statements if necessary.

Statements must also include a Name, Student ID, number of quarters completed at UCSC, and Academic level by units (ex. Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior).

In addition, you will want to include information about why you were unable to meet the criteria to declare. The statement of appeal is the place to advocate for yourself to the department. If applicable, your statement should include: 

  • any extenuating circumstances involving health or mental health, injury, work obligations, family crisis, etc. that may have affected your academic performance.
  • description of any challenges in your academic performance and how you are actively overcoming them.
  • Any additional reasons or evidence that you will be able to successfully complete the program’s graduation requirements.


Additional Attachments (Optional)

Students may upload additional documentation to the major appeal form. If you have multiple items, please consolidate them into 1 PDF file.

  • Documentation related to extenuating circumstances
  • Letters of Recommendation or Support
  • Snapshots of progress and in-progress major coursework
  • Any additional documentation students would like the department to review

Submission/Results/Next Steps

Appeals are reviewed on a rolling basis and students should expect the departments to take 2-4 weeks to review the appeals.


Once a decision has been made, the BSOE Undergraduate Affairs Office will send students an email with the Department's decision. 

Approved Appeals Next Steps:

Students whose appeals are approved will be emailed with information on the next steps to finish the declaration process (receiving an approved appeal does not automatically mean that you are declared). Please note that approved appeals are only valid for the quarter they are submitted.

Conditional Appeals Next Steps

Students may be issued conditions on their appeals. Once a student has met their conditions, they will be eligible to declare the following quarter if the conditions are met.  

Denied Appeals Next Steps

Students whose appeals are denied will receive an email from an adviser with next steps.