Apply to join the Baskin Day Planning Committee!

Baskin Day is a celebration of Baskin Engineering and its students. This event will feature workshops, seminars, lab tours, and other exciting events to recognize the work of fellow slugs. We are looking for enthusiastic and passionate students to join our planning committee to organize our third annual event. We welcome all majors, not just engineers. We are currently in the process of expanding Baskin Day. We plan on hosting multiple events throughout the year to stay engaged with the SOE community.

Roles we are looking for the following role:

Scheduling the layout of the events
Finding and presenting at various funding sources and helping create a list of our expenses
Outreach to BSOE Professors, clubs, and students
Outreach to companies and network with professionals
Advertise events on our social medias, create website, design our apparels and posters
Getting in touch with alumni and hosting a dinner, organizing speakers for the event, and planning the dinner

To learn more about Baskin Day:

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Hope to see you soon!