Baskin Engineering 2021 Awards and Achievements

Dean's and Chancellor Award recipient project videos are linked to the titles below. 

Watch what they have been working on this year by clicking on the title.

Huffman Prize & Patrick Mantey Leadership Award

Congratulations to Stephen Hwang  (Biomolecular Engineering & Bioinformatics BS). Stephen is this year's recipient of both the Huffman Prize and the Patrick Mantey Leadership Award. Stephen has been recognized by Baskin Engineering faculty as an outstanding student and leader in Baskin Engineering during his academic career. 


Chancellor's Award for Engineering Research

Analysis of the First Malware to Attack a Power Grid

Dominic Alexander Lucchesi

Aviv Brook

Faculty Mentor:

Alvaro A Cardenas

Identifying and Investigating Wolbachia-to-Arthropod HGT Events

Serafina Maria Nieves

Faculty Mentor: 

Russell Brendan Corbett-Detig

Dean's Award for Engineering Research

Physarum Telam

Issei Mori

Faculty Mentors: 

Angus Forbes

Oskar Elek

Co2 Monitoring Assembly

Arash Parsa

Faculty Mentor:

David Draper

A New Dimension: Visualizing Immersive Genome Graphs

Maxim Alexandr Kuznetsov

Faculty Mentors: 

Sri H Kurniawan

Mircea S V Teodorescu

Aviv Elor

Development of a Non-Enzymatic Electrochemical Glucose Sensor using Copper Oxide

Michelle Beth Shimberg

Faculty Mentors: 

Nader Pourmand

John Stanley

Komaplastics: Cellulose-Based Biodegradable Agricultural Plastic

Kyra Skye Eyerman

Rachel Mace

Melody Saravi Azimi

Alicia Charlotte Jorgenson

Sophia Alexis Huei Min Sneddon

Navdeep Singh Kalkat

Joshua Robert Elkins

Claudia Fiorella Paz Flores

Faith Marie Williams

Taylor Ann Ziccardi

Gabriel Sanchez

Neil Oliver Smith

Thomas Conor Kensok

Faculty Mentors: 

David Bernick

Ryan Michael Modlin