BD2K Summer Up 2018 Speaker Series

Event Date/Time
July 27, 2018, 11:00am
Event Location
Biomed 200

11:00am - 12:00pm

Speaker: Brandon Obgunu
Assistant Professor, Department of Ecology and 
Evolutionary Biology, Brown University

On Coffee and Epistasis
A non-linear story between sips of SNPs

This seminar will explore a cutting-edge concept in modern genetics called epistasis, informally defined as "the surprise at the phenotype when mutations are combined, given the constituent mutations’ individual effects." Dr. Ogbunu will also share recent work in the Ogbunu Lab exploring how epistasis shapes complex biological traits, relating this to broader perspectives on how we think about biological, social, and other complex systems. 

Additionally, graduating seniors and  graduate students are invited to meet with Dr. Obgunu at 2PM in E2-599 to discuss opportunities for graduate work  
and post-doc positions  in his lab. 

He will also share out information about opportunities in the 
Brown Center for Computational Molecular Biology (CCMB),  
The Brown Program in Biomedical Engineering, and the Brown Molecular Biology, 
Cell Biology and Biochemistry Graduate Program (MCBGP)