BMSIS Young Scientist Program

The BMSIS Young Scientist Program (YSP) provides opportunities for students and eligible early career scientists to participate in space related research, learn about effective science communication, and develop critical thinking skills in ethics, policy, and more. 

We currently have open opportunities that might be of interest to your students.

“The BMSIS Young Scientist Program” focuses on undergraduate students and those who have completed undergraduate studies but have not yet enrolled in graduate school. This program is offered primarily as a remote, online program (though some projects do offer on-site training, pending on the location of the applicant). Research Associates with the BMSIS YSP work with one or more of our BMSIS research scientists on a variety of projects in Earth and space science, engineering, and science communication. While some of the projects do have funding, many of the virtual projects are unpaid.

Please feel free to share the link to our 2021 BMSIS Young Scientist Program application: