BSFO’s Annual Scholarship is Now Open!

The University of California, Office of the President’s Black Staff and Faculty Organization (BSFO) is encouraging systemwide UC-enrolled African American students to apply for BSFO’s Annual Scholarship.   

In these days and times scholarships are used to help towards the astronomical costs of completing your educational goals and meeting daily expenses. BSFO recognizes the hard work, sacrifices, and dedication it takes to reach your educational goals.  We provide a $1,000 scholarship annually to students to use towards items of your choosing and help lighten some of your financial obligations.  

We want to hear from you, tell us a little about yourself, your passions, motivations, and examples of your persistence throughout your educational journey. Tell us about your academic achievements, professional goals, and scholastic endeavors. The Application process is simple, complete and submit UCOP’s BSFO Scholarship Application by December 31, 2022. You will not need to wait long to receive the funds, BSFO notifies selected students of their selection status by the end of January 2023 and funds are provided by the end of February 2023. Selected students will also have an opportunity to speak at BSFO's Scholarship Awards Ceremony held in February 2023.

We look forward to receiving your application, which can be found here BSFO%20Scholarship%20Application%202022-23.pdf