Baskin Scholars Program

Our Baskin Scholars Program Recipients








From Left to Right: Sage Somers, Computer Engineering, Angela Rodriguez, Computer Engineering, Vanessa Webber, Compter Engineering, Jessica Del Rio, Computer Science

Baskin Engineering would like to thank the Peggy & Jack Baskin Foundation for their generous contribution to our Baskin Scholars Program. In addition to financial support, this one-time program enabled our Baskin Scholar students to participate in a range of academic and residential experiences designed to build community and to support the retention of the scholarship students through graduation.

Baskin Scholar students attended the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing in the fall of their second and third years to encourage professional growth and development. 


The Baskin Scholars Foundation Scholarship enabled me to go the Grace Hopper Conference. That really made the tech industry more human for me. People were interested in me and were willing to talk to me about my resume. --Vanessa Webber

The experience of having a cohort right from the beginning, people I could lean on, was so helpful. --Jessica Del Rio

I was able to mentor a freshman through MEP and told her how amazing the Grace Hopper Convention was. She ended up getting a scholarship to go and really got a lot out of it. It felt good to be able to help someone else. --Angela Rodrigues

Being part of the group was so helpful. I learned so much at the conferences that I went a third time on my own and got an internship from doing so. --Sage Somers