Business/Marketing Student Internship Opportunity.

Yektasonics has innovation in ultrasound which are unique in price/performance. In medicine, Focused Ultrasound or “curing with sounds” is a revolutionary non-invasive medical therapy treating over 170 medical conditions. Cases such as cancer treatment with no chemotherapy or surgery, and brain modulation without opening the skull, to name a few. There is a need for ultrasound electronic drivers in both medical and non-medical markets, and that is how we play a role. 

We are looking for a talented and passionate student intern, who can join us in the business and marketing side. The intern will enroll for research credits, and the compensations will be per the agreement. 

The expectation will be to reach out to potential companies and stakeholders to support the sale of our Power Module technology. There will also be a need to reach out to potential customers for our Phased Array technology. 

Yektasonics has received numerous awards and recognitions, such as a recent award from the National Science Foundation, a prize from the UC Santa Cruz Chancellor, being a finalist of American Heart Association in the Bay Area, being a finalist of the University of California Big Ideas Competition, and being part of UC Berkeley Incubator Citris Foundry, to name a few.

If you are interested and would like to gain good hands-on experience, please email your resume with your transcript to

You can check out our website for more information at