Computer Science BA Technical Elective List

The following list of courses can be used to satisfy the two "technical electives" for the Computer Science BA degree.

Any 5-unit upper division course offered by the Baskin School of Engineering except those numbered 190 and above.

Any 5-unit upper division course from the Division of Physical and Biological Sciences except those numbered 190 and above.

ART 118 Computer Art: Theories, Methods, and Practices
ART 120/121 Advanced Projects in Computer Art I/II

ECON 100M Intermediate Microeconomics, Math Intensive
ECON 100N Intermediate Macroeconomics, Math Intensive
ECON 101 Managerial Economics

ENVS 115A/L Geographic Information Systems

FDM 170A Fundamentals of Introduction to Digital Media Production
FDM 177 Digital Media Workshop: Computer as Medium

LING 112/113/114 Syntax I/II/III
LING 116/118 Semantics II/III
LING 125 Foundations of Linguistic Theory

MUS 123 Electronic Sound Synthesis
MUS 124 Intermediate Electronic Sound Synthesis
MUS 125 Advanced Electronic Sound Synthesis