Create Circuits, Control Motors, and Learn The EDA Toolchain!

Design-Build Experience: Electronic Circuit Design & the EDA Toolchain

By Undergraduate students like you!

The electronics circuit design module of CMPM 17 will introduce the basic concepts of electricity, circuit design, and circuit building by taking participants through the full manufacturing process of a printed circuit board. Students will initially learn the physics and measurement skills needed to design and troubleshoot their circuit on a breadboard before working through the entire Electronic Design Automation (EDA) workflow to build a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) that controls the speed and direction of a motor for a desktop fan. In addition, the use of soldering for circuit construction and the process of sourcing electronic components is introduced. Taking this class will prepare you to streamline your own personal electronics projects and give you the skills to participate in engineering project clubs like UCSC Rocket team, Autoslug, Formula Slug, and Slugbotics.

The class has been designed to teach skills from the ground up, starting with a theoretical basis and quickly progressing into hands-on labs and activities designed to build upon each other and coalesce into a unified final project.

Link to the syllabus.