Creative Tech Design: Workshop Week!

We are excited to introduce CTD’s Workshop Week! If you are interested in improving your design skills or learning more about design software, be sure to check out our events. 


CTD’s Workshop Week Schedule: 

1/18  Adobe After Effects (11am - 12pm) 

1/19  Adobe Photoshop  (4pm - 5pm) 

1/20  Adobe Illustrator (6pm - 7pm) 

1/21  Going Advanced with Figma (7pm - 8pm) 

1/22  Prototyping: Framer (6pm - 7pm)  


Events are open to ALL students, and Zoom Links will be made available via Email and Slack! If you are interested in more information, or have any questions feel free to contact us on any social media (IG, FB ,LinkedIn) or shoot us an email at

Hope to see you all there! :)