CSE Department Newsletter Editor

The CSE Department is seeking an editor for its new monthly undergraduate newsletter that we plan to start. 

The goal of the newsletter is to provide information on CSE events, information for undergraduates, job / research openings, and more.  

The ideal editor has experience in email newsletters, graphic formatting, and creative writing, and has a keen interest in student issues/life at SOE. The editor will solicit content from student organizations, faculty, and advising staff; format the newsletter, meet with the department chair or vice-chair as each issue is finalized, and produce email and pdf versions of the newsletter. The position is compensated at $20/hour, for 20 hours / month (or 5 hours / week on average). 

If interested, please apply to https://www.careercenter.ucsc.edu/ers/ersstaff/SU/main.cfm?action=viewApp&SSA_ID=577170&ER_Number=19261&Q2=~ER_ID=19261~ACTION=AppQuery , or if the URL does not directly work for you, log into the UCSC ERS system at http://www.careercenter.ucsc.edu/ers/erspub/main.cfm using your student ID and date of birth, and then search in "Non-Work study UCSC Jobs"  for ER# 19261.  We are hoping to find a candidate by the end of August or the beginning of September, to put out the first issue by mid-September.