CSE Directed Reading Program

The CSE Directed Reading Program is an opportunity for undergraduate students to work one on one with a graduate mentor for a quarter to help them study an advanced topic. The program requires a 5 hour weekly time commitment, consisting of a 1 hour weekly meeting with your graduate mentor and 4 hours of independent study. In your weekly meeting you should discuss the past week's readings, discuss and clarify concepts together, and pick a direction/readings for the next week. The program is not for credit and only for enrichment purposes. We are limited in capacity by the number of graduate mentors, but in future quarters we will prioritize applicants who were unable to participate in previous quarters.

For more information, please see this Google doc: Link

If you are an undergraduate interested in participating in the CSE Directed Reading Program in Winter 2022, please fill out the following form: Link

Please send me an email at evin@ucsc.edu if you have any questions, input or just want to discuss this further!