Academic Planner

What is the Course Planner and why is it useful?

The online planner is a tool to help you map out the required courses for your major. This tutorial is designed to teach you how to use the planner.

It is an electronic record of your requirements that empowers you to plan and monitor your progress towards your major. This tutorial addresses using the planner for major related classes but can also be used for other major/minor or general education requirements.

The planner is used during or after visiting your adviser to determine what courses will satisfy the requirements for a specific major or minor program. You can associate courses to a given quarter or leave them unassigned. Only you may add or edit the information in your planner.

You are required to complete an online plan as part of the school of engineering declaration of major process. The planner will also be used to help academic departments determine class spaces for future quarters.

Tutorital for Course Planner