Applying to graduate and registering to participate in a Graduation ceremonies are separate processes.

To officially graduate from UCSC you need to "Apply to Graduate" through your myUCSC student portal . The deadline for this process is usually during the fourth week of the quarter in which you intend to complete all of your degree requirements and can be found on the campus Academic and Administrative Calendar. This triggers the Registrar's Office and the BSOE Undergraduate Advising Office to review your academic record to make sure all graduation requirements have been met. You will be contacted for clarification if there are omissions or inconsistencies. For more information about graduation go to the "When You're Ready to Graduate" section of The Navigator.

Time Line
Your degree will be posted approximately six weeks after the end of the quarter in which you announced candidacy; your diploma will be mailed four to six months after the end of the quarter.

Graduation Ceremony
Both the Baskin School of Engineering and your residential college have graduation ceremonies. You are invited to attend either one or both. Graduation is held the final weekend of spring quarter of each year.

The BSOE ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to share your impressive accomplishment with family, friends, faculty, and alumni. A reception follows the graduation ceremony. As soon as the BSOE graduation ceremony is scheduled, the time will be posted on the undergraduate web site. In the spring there will be a  BSOE Graduation website with answers to questions, a sign-up sheet, and a form to vote for outstanding teachers and TAs.

Applying to graduate and registering to participate in campus Graduation ceremonies are separate processes.

Nominate a Speaker

The Baskin School of Engineering (BSOE) is accepting nominations for this year’s student graduation celebration speakers. Speaking at the graduation celebration is an honor and opportunity to address the audience of family, faculty, friends, and fellow graduates. 

You can nominate yourself or another graduating student.  Nominees should be in good academic standing and on track to graduate by no later than the end of fall quarter 2019.  The deadline to nominate yourself or another graduating student is TBD. 

Honors for BSOE Majors

At the time you graduate from UCSC, you will be reviewed for Honors or Highest Honors in your major. The criterion to earn honors designations for each BSOE major can be found in the UCSC General Catalog.  Awardees have this honor included in their transcripts and diploma(s).