Individual Studies

(Please note: this information is intended only for students pursuing Individual Studies coursework sponsored by the Baskin School of Engineering. If your credits will not be sponsored by BSOE, please consult with the department you with whom you are pursuing Individual Studies coursework.)

UCSC offers the opportunity for students with particular skills or interest to receive credit for work outside of regular courses. There are many possibilities including lab research on-campus, a senior thesis project, or internships off-campus (Field Study - see below). To arrange an Individual Studies course, you will need a faculty sponsor who is willing to supervise you.

Please plan your project in advance. Your Individual Studies course must be set up before you do your work. Credit for Individual Studies cannot be given retroactively; you must be enrolled during the quarter you are doing the work.

To receive UCSC credit for an individual studies project, whether on- or off-campus:

  • Pick up an "Individual Course Studies Petition" at the Undergraduate Advising Office or print one from our website.
  • Work with your faculty sponsor to determine the details of your Individual Studies including. Describe this on the petition.
  • Determine with your sponsor how many hours per week you will be working. You can receive at most one unit for each three hours per week. Individual studies is available in 2-or 5-unit increments.
  • Get your sponsor's signature on the petition.
  • If you are enrolling in a Thesis Research individual studies course, you will also need to obtain signatures from your department undergraduate director and department chair. The Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Robotics majors require an additional Senior Thesis Form.
  • Return the signed petition to the Undergraduate Advising Office to obtain department approval and a call number, which will enable you to enroll in the course. The deadline to enroll in individual studies coursework is before the campus Add/Drop/Swap classes deadline each quarter. Because Petitions may not be reviewed and approved immediately, it is generally a good idea to submit petitions to the Baskin School of Engineering Undergraduate Advising Office a minimum of a week in advance of the enrollment deadline.
  • Additional information can be found on the Individual Course Studies Petition

Field Studies

Field Studies are individual programs of study with specific academic objectives carried out under the direction of a faculty member and a willing sponsor at the field site, and using resources not normally available on campus. Credit is based on the presentation of evidence of achieving the objectives by submitting a written and oral presentation. This field study may not normally be repeated for credit. If you have further questions, stop by the Undergraduate Advising Office or consult with your faculty advisor to discuss individual circumstances.

The Baskin School of Engineering does not provide placements in internships. Check with faculty or the Career Center for possible opportunities in your area of interest.

To enroll in a Field Study, please follow the steps for receiving credit for Individual Studies listed above.