Cyber Security Competition: International Capture the Flag

Event Date/Time
December 2, 2023, 10:00am
Event Location

The Women in Computuer Science (WiCS) chapter at UC Santa Barbara, The NSF AI Institute, and Shellphish hacking group present the International Capture the Flag hacking competition! 

  • The Shellphish iCTF is a multi-site, multi-team, challenge-based hacking competition in which a number of teams compete independently against each other. Teams do not attack each other, but operate independently to solve a set of challenges. Each challenge has a flag that can only be obtained by solving the challenge.  
  • This educational compeition is open to teams composed of high-school and undergraduate students. There will be two separate competitions for the two student levels, but the challenges will be the same. Each team cannot be composed of more than 10 people (but an institution can have multiple, non-colluding teams) and must have an associated, institution-affiliated instructor. 
  • Teams must register by November 24!
  • Please see the iCTF website for a more detailed rundown of the competition. 
  • Register here.
  • Contact for any questions about the competition. 

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