Cybersecurity Workshops From Slug Security!

Are you a hacker at heart? Do you dream of cracking codes, breaking firewalls, and exposing secrets? Have you ever been curious about how the internet stays safe? Tinkered around a site, trying to find exploits? Well, then Slug Security, UC Santa Cruz's Cybersecurity Club, may be for you!

Would you like to learn how to hack into servers, create malware, and avoid detection like a true hacker? Do you want to use a Pringles can to make directional antennas and scan for vulnerable networks? Do you want to compete in national competitions, going against other hackers to see who is the best?

Then join us! We are a student-led cybersecurity club dedicated to fostering a community of hackers who work to improve security.
We host workshops and actively compete in CTF and national competitions such as the NSA Codebreaker Challenge.

We meet every Monday from 2-4 PM at Baskin Engineering 2, Room 506.
Visit our site ( for more information. If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page or email us at