Earn cash participating in online or on-campus studies

You are invited to register to participate in future economics experiments at the LEEPS Lab of UCSC Economics Department. We study various aspects of individual and group decision-making in economics. Participation is compensated in cash. Register here bit.ly/leeps-register.

The amount you will earn in a session will depend upon the specific study, the decisions you make, and the decisions made by the other participants. Most experiments last between 1 and 1 1/2 hours. Payments are at least $4-5 and typically range between $10 - $25, and are paid through Venmo and Zelle. 

Sessions take place online (and starting in fall 2021, we might resume in person, on-campus experiments at the LEEPS Lab (Engineering 2 Building. Room 416).

Once you register, you will receive invitations to participate when we schedule a session. If the date and time of a specific invitation work for you, then sign-up*. If not, just wait for the next email invitation that might fit your schedule. 

The LEEPS Lab Team

*Your participation in the experiment and any information about your earnings will be kept strictly confidential and your participation is voluntary. You can unsubscribe from the invitation list at any time.

Registration long URL: https://econlab.ucsc.edu/public/participant_create.php