Entry Level Specialist Position at SCIPP

We're looking for a junior level staff person to join the Fast Sensors group here at SCIPP. It's not impossible that this would turn into a career position (Specialist track), as it has for one or two of your prior students. Although the person would likely grow into more sophisticated technical roles, for now we seek someone that has experience (or perhaps even just interest) in:

  • Provide support for runs at both domestic and international accelerator laboratories, including designing and assembling mechanical supports and developing data acquisition approaches and utilities
  • Load PC boards that implement and support various microelectronic designs, including ASICs and high-speed compact signal paths, and carry out characterization studies
  • Have experience in, or interest in learning, the design of PC boards and associated servicing functions for precision timing and high frame rate signal applications
  • Be responsible for several laboratory operational functions, including purchasing and shipping
  • Oversee general laboratory organization and hygiene


Beyond this, and into future years, opportunities may exist in high-speed PC board design and layout, TCAD-simulation-base design of solid state sensors, ASIC design, and automated electromechanical assembly and prototyping.


Anyone interested in learning more about the position should contact:

Bruce Schumm