Fall Student Orientation

Welcome Incoming Baskin School of Engineering Students 

If you are pursuing a major within the Baskin School of Engineering it is important that you review our Fall Orientation information.

Scroll down for Orientation Videos, Webinar Q&A session. The questions we were unable to get to are answered at the bottom of the page. 


Transfer Student Fall Orienation
First-Year Frosh Fall Orientation
Transfer Student Questions & Answers
First-Year Frosh Questions & Answers

All questions that were not answered in the Transfer Webinar can be found HERE.

All questions that were not answered in the First-Year Frosh Webinar can be found HERE

Please note that we did not include questions that students submitted that had already been answered and covered in the webinar, or ones that were not appropriate for us to answer. 

If you don’t see your exact question as you asked it, please read through the questions that we included on this page. We removed questions that were asking the same thing.


Here are links that support some questions we answered during orientation Q&A

5+ program: https://grad.soe.ucsc.edu/

Curriculum Charts: https://undergrad.soe.ucsc.edu/curriculum-charts

Declare your major: https://undergrad.soe.ucsc.edu/declare-your-major

Double major and/or major/minor info: https://undergrad.soe.ucsc.edu/double-major-minor

Adding a minor:  https://undergrad.soe.ucsc.edu/double-major-minor

Study Abroad website: https://studyabroad.ucsc.edu/


Clubs: https://admissions.ucsc.edu/why-ucsc/organizations.html

Engineering clubs: https://undergrad.soe.ucsc.edu/student-organizations