Full Stack Web App Opportunity for Programmers/Designers

We're a group of graduates currently working on an exciting full stack web application that could be monetized down the road. The website aims to help student and early career professionals decide on different career paths within the Tech Industry.

We are looking for people who are interested in learning to apply their programming/design skills to materialize an idea into an actual real product that will be used by many people, which will also be a huge resume booster of course. 

Currently looking for a programmer who is fluent in Python: preferably have web scraping experiences, it's ok if you don't. (Selenium, Beautiful Soup)

Currently looking for ui/ux designers who have experience working on Rapid Prototyping projects: designing low/hi-fi designs, conducting user research, and usability testing, etc.


If you're interested in the above positions or just want to learn more, email team@pathfinder.fyi with your resume (portfolio too if you're a designer).