GDA (Game Development and Art Collaboration)

GDA is a club that seeks to give students hands on experience in the game development process. Students will have the opportunity to work on a game in any department of their choosing: Design, Programming, Production, Art, Writing, and Sound. During Fall Quarter, members have the options to pitch a game idea. The winning game idea then gets worked on during Winter and Spring quarters. GDA is a great way for students to practice their craft, meet new people, and gain valuable experiences to put on their resumes/portfolios.

In addition, GDA also hosts the following events/programs:

  • Guest Speaker Talks/Q&As with professionals from the gaming industry and UCSC Alumni
  • Workshops on various different aspects of game development (art, sound, design, etc)
  • Community nights where members can interact with each other (Movies and Games)
  • Short game jams (including Global Game Jam)

GDA will operate in a hybrid format this year. In order to keep up with GDA announcements and activities, it is necessary to join the discord server. No further steps are required for membership.

The first meeting will occur on Friday 9/30, 6PM. Students will be able to learn more about the club and ask questions. The exact location of this meeting has yet to be decided, and so it is recommended to join the discord server in order to be up to date with latest developments.