Group Tutors for CMPM 170: Rapid Prototyping

Advanced game students are sought as Group Tutors for CMPM 170 [Game Design: Rapid Prototyping]

A 170 Group Tutor position is for 6-7 hours per week during the Fall 2023 quarter and pays $26.42/hour.

The primary function of Group Tutors will be to assist student projects with technical game engine support and implementing class prototyping concepts. Tutors will also attend sections at least once a week and hold and manage open tutoring hours. Tutors may also advise teams on production strategies, meet with the teaching team, attend relevant lectures, playtest games and discuss student work. 


Tutors must have intermediate to advanced knowledge of a game engine like Unity or Unreal, or describe other technical skills in game production. Tutors should have an interest in prototyping and be able to function as an articulate and cooperative playtester.

Interested applicants can find more information here:
To apply please include a description of relevant skills and experience. Also include links that support your experience such as a portfolio that clearly describes your role in projects.