A Guide to Finding a Tech Career with Numbers

I am a part of our team at TechGuide, where we write helpful resources about Analytics, Computer Science, Design, Engineering, and Fintech. I am reaching out to share a guide that we published, titled, A Career with Numbers: A Complete Guide.

While many skills are becoming increasingly antiquated, number-based professions are becoming ever more crucial. Furthermore, there is a diverse range of applications that this field is involved from the strictly scientific realm to Business, Sociology, Farming, and even Sports. In our modern data-driven world, a Career in Numbers is an excellent choice for both young prospective college students and working professionals, wishing to shake up their careers.


Our guide tackles important topics such as the ff.:

  • How to Prepare for a Number-Based Career
  • Tech Degrees
  • Internships
  • Training Programs
  • Special Scholarships; and
  • Number-based Career Paths

Our guide is available free on our site at https://techguide.org/resources/career-with-numbers/