Help PhD Candidate to Develop a Website

David Duncan is a PhD Candidate of History here at UCSC. He is looking for help from within the UCSC community, to develop a website for a project he is working on through The Humanities Institute here on campus. 

"I am an oral historian, focused on interviewing people that lived through historical moments and then presenting their memory in many different ways. My Master’s was focused on the Sausalito School District, which in 1965 became one of the first districts in the US to desegregate without a court order. 

My project through THI is focused on the present, where the same district received the first court-ordered desegregation in California in over 50 years. I am currently in the field taking pictures, video, and audio on the two school campuses, but I am only one person. I and the school superintendent are looking to develop a website where students, faculty, and parents, can submit testimony, or oral history, about their school experience on a website via audio, video, text, image, etc. These submissions would then become part of a photo essay that I am making about the district’s desegregation effort in the present. 

There is also interest in developing a digital archive/exhibit of sorts but the self-submission website is the priority at the moment."

If you are intere3sted in helping David, please reach him here: