2007-2008 Honors, Scholarships And Award Recipients

The Baskin School of Engineering is pleased to announce the 2007-2008 recipients and scholars for the following undergraduate awards. Please join us in sharing a warm congratulations to these students who are being recognized for their outstanding commitment to their engineering education and academic achievements.

Dean's And Chancellor's Undergraduate Awards

Dean's And Chancellor's Awards

Stephanie Huelga, Bioinformatics


Laurel DeMarco, Electrical Engineering 
Kevin Hichborn, Electrical Engineering 
William Hogan, Electrical Engineering 
Scott Therien, Electrical Engineering


Erik Petersen, Computer Science 
Oliver Threshie, Information Systems Management 
Josep Valls, Information Systems Management


Leif Ames, Computer Engineering 
Alexander Atkins, Bioinformatics 
Sean Korhummel, Electrical Engineering 
Kevin Louchis, Electrical Engineering


Calvin Chau, Information Systems Management 
Eduardo Hernandez, Information Systems Management

Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship

Rachel Bingham, Bioinformatics 
Sandra Bonilla, Computer Engineering 
Robert Chalhoub, Computer Science 
Lourdes Chang, Computer Science 
Charles Dougherty, Computer Science 
Daniel Hernandez, Electrical Engineering 
Eduardo Hernandez, Information Systems Management 
Logan Murdock, Computer Science Game Design 
Tina Nguyen, Electrical Engineering 
Diane Pederson, Computer Science 
Stephanie Roongsathapaul, Information Systems Management 
Josie Sayegh, Bioinformatics 
Laura Stelzner, Computer Engineering 
Jenna Stewart, Computer Science 
Lynn Teng, Computer Engineering

David S. Lee Scholarship

Dustin Escoffery, Computer Science Game Design 
Jonathan Imperial, Computer Engineering 
Arthur Schiro, Electrical Engineering 
Laura Stelzner, Computer Engineering 
Salvador Vazquez, Electrical Engineering

Huffman Prize

Daniel Pepper, Computer Science

Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP) Scholarship Award

Alejandro Cerda, Computer Engineering

Patrick Mantey Undergraduate Leadership Award

Andrew Parra, Computer Engineering 
Erik Pasternak, Computer Engineering

Robert H. Triebig Memorial Scholarship

Colin Beighley, Electrical Engineering 
Robert Helvestine, Electrical Engineering 
Cooper Levy, Electrical Engineering 
Robert Nakamura, Electrical Engineering 
Arthur Schiro, Electrical Engineering 
Trevor Vogt, Electrical Engineering 
Bradley Watanabe, Electrical Engineering

BSoE Undergraduate Community Spirit Award

Laura Stelzner, Computer Engineering 
Janelle Yong, Electrical Engineering

Honors In The Major

High Honors

Matthew Brian Archambault , Information Systems Management 
George David Dean , Computer Science 
Stephanie Huelga , Bioinformatics 
Andrew Ray Parra , Computer Engineering 
Erik Pasternak , Computer Engineering 
Daniel Blum Pepper , Computer Science 
Eric Michael Scott , Bioinformatics 
Scott Glenn Matthew Therien , Electrical Engineering


Jason Thomas Walter Benterou , Computer Science 
Robert Joseph Chalhoub , Computer Science 
Kee-Yip Chan , Information Systems Management 
Marvin Gil Gruspe Cruz , Electrical Engineering 
Aaron Edward Dann-Gibbs , Electrical Engineering 
Kevin Apollos Hichborn , Electrical Engineering 
William Patrick Hogan , Electrical Engineering 
Henry Liu , Computer Engineering 
Aleatha Parker-Wood , Computer Science 
Takashi Sawa , Computer Engineering 
Randahl Douglas West , Computer Science 
David John Will , Bioinformatics 
Andrew Harris Wiser , Bioinformatics 
Shawn Eric Yost , Bioinformatics

Comprehensive Honors

Jason Thomas Walter Benterou , Computer Science 
Marvin Gil Gruspe Cruz , Electrical Engineering 
Aaron Edward Dann-Gibbs , Electrical Engineering 
George David Dean , Computer Science 
Laurel Anne DeMarco , Electrical Engineering 
Gregory Jackson, Computer Science 
Forest Matt Martinez McKinney , Electrical Engineering 
Sean Patrick Regalia-Korhummel , Electrical Engineering 
Jonathan Peter Zisko , Electrical Engineering