2008-2009 Honors, Scholarships And Award Recipients

The Jack Baskin School of Engineering announced recipients and scholars for the undergraduate awards and scholarships, recognizing their outstanding commitment to engineering, academic achievements, and leadership. Congratulations to all the students for their outstanding academic achievement.

Dean's And Chancellor's Award

  • Stephen Federowicz, Bioinformatics
  • Dustin Kendig, Electrical Engineering
  • John Robertson, Computer Engineering

Dean's Award

  • Michael Cutter, Information Systems Management
  • Brian Hansen, Computer Engineering
  • Trevor Vogt, Electrical Engineering
  • Janelle Yong, Electrical Engineering
  • Super Hamster Ball 2D Team
  • Daniel Core, Information Systems Management
  • Thomas Freeman, Information Systems Management
  • Alexander Glick, Computer Science
  • Nicholas Green, Computer Science
  • Edge Technologies e-Nose Biosensor Team
  • Ryan Collins, Information Systems Management
  • John Kelsey, Information Systems Management

Baskin Engineering Undergraduate Community Spirit Award

  • David Alvarado, Electrical Engineering
  • Alejandro Cerda, Computer Engineering

Huffman Prize

  • Dustin Kendig, Electrical Engineering

David S. Lee Scholarship

  • Alejandro Cerda, Computer Engineering
  • James Herbold, Computer Science
  • Jonathan Imperial, Computer Engineering
  • Martin Ortega, Computer Engineering
  • Christopher Robles, Bioengineering
  • Salvador Vazquez, Electrical Engineering
  • Andrew Wong, Electrical Engineering

Patrick Mantey Undergraduate Student Leadership Award

  • Kevin Nelson, Computer Engineering
  • Laura Stelzner, Computer Engineering

Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP) Scholarship Award

  • Martin Ortega, Computer Engineering
  • Christopher Robles, Bioengineering

Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship

  • Sandra Bonilla, Computer Engineering
  • Lourdes Chang, Computer Science
  • Yixian Chen, Electrical Engineering
  • Matthew Drake, Computer Engineering
  • Palwasha Hashem, Computer Engineering
  • Daniel Hernandez, Electrical Engineering
  • Eduardo Hernandez, Information Systems Management
  • Leqi Lu, Computer Science: Computer Game Design
  • Logan Murdock, Computer Science: Computer Game Design
  • Tina Nguyen, Electrical Engineering
  • Diane Pederson, Computer Science
  • Jay Roldan, Computer Engineering
  • Stephanie Roongsathapaul, Information Systems Management
  • Josie Sayegh, Bioinformatics
  • Lynn Teng, Computer Engineering
  • Briana To, Computer Science
  • Song Wu, Computer Science: Computer Game Design
  • Katarina Yang, Computer Science: Computer Game Design

Robert H. Triebig Memorial Scholarship

  • Colin Beighley
  • Kal Conley
  • Darrel Deo
  • Robert Helvestine
  • Hugo Hernandez
  • Jacob Gee
  • Trenton Louie
  • Robert Nakamura
  • Andrew Wong