2011-2012 Honors, Scholarships And Award Recipients

The Jack Baskin School of Engineering announced recipients and scholars for the undergraduate awards and scholarships, recognizing their outstanding commitment to engineering, academic achievements, and leadership. Congratulations to all the students for their outstanding academic achievement.

Dean's And Chancellor's Award (Spring 2012)

  • Michelle Maalouf, Bioengineering
  • Joshua Rosen, Computer Science
  • Vernon Wong, Computer Science

Dean's Award (Spring 2012)

  • Maria Arbuzova, Computer Science
  • Benjamin Cizdziel, Electrical Engineering
  • Gregory Dreisen, Computer Engineering
  • Steven Lewis, Electrical Engineering
  • Xiang Li, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Wilson Liu, Bioengineering
  • Nicholas Lutz, Computer Science
  • Vadim Maximov, Computer Science: Computer Game Design
  • Maria Mishkova, Computer Science
  • Brian Nguyen, Computer Science: Computer Game Design
  • Sarah Ross, Computer Science
  • Gabriel Sanchez, Computer Science
  • Peter Turner, Electrical Engineering

ACCESS Scholarship Program

Assisting Computer Engineering Computer Science Electrical Engineering Student Success

  • Isabel Azcona, Computer Science: Computer Game Design
  • Oscar Guevara, Electrical Engineering
  • Cory Ibanez, Electrical Engineering
  • Jose Maravilla, Electrical Engineering
  • Michael Molina, Computer Science: Computer Game Design
  • Lourdes Montoya, Bioengineering
  • Austin Schmidt, Computer Science: Computer Game Design

Baskin Endowed Scholarship

(formerly known as Tanner Award)

  • Darrel Deo, Computer Engineering
  • David Lau, Computer Engineering
  • April Grow, Computer Science

Baskin Engineering Undergraduate Community Spirit Award

  • Ariel Anders, Computer Engineering
  • Alexandra Eastes, Bioengineering
  • Hector Romo, Electrical Engineering

Huffman Prize

  • Kevin Armin Samii, Computer Science

David S. Lee Scholarship

  • April Grow, Computer Science
  • Nathan Nguyen, Bioinformatics
  • Andrew Walsh, Computer Science

Patrick Mantey Undergraduate Student Leadership Award

  • Ariel Anders, Computer Engineering

Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP) Scholarship Award

  • Alexis Rocha-Roux, Computer Engineering
  • Edgar Valdez, Electrical Engineering

Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship

  • Sandra Avila, Computer Engineering
  • Benjamin Chainey, Electrical Engineering
  • Thomas Deeb, Computer Science: Computer Game Design
  • Palwasha Hashem, Computer Engineering
  • Daniel Hernandez, Electrical Engineering
  • Winnie Lei, Bioengineering
  • Leqi Lu, Computer Science: Computer Game Design
  • Elena Montesino, Computer Engineering
  • Lynn Teng, Computer Engineering

Robert H. Triebig Memorial Scholarship

(all Electrical Engineering majors)

  • Ryan Baker
  • Samuel Boodt
  • Benjamin Cizdziel
  • Julian Dahan
  • Christopher McNamara
  • Kate Norris
  • Vernon Wong