2013-2014 Honors, Scholarships And Award Recipients

The Jack Baskin School of Engineering announced recipients and scholars for the undergraduate awards and scholarships, recognizing their outstanding commitment to engineering, academic achievements, and leadership. Congratulations to all the students for their outstanding academic achievement.

Dean's And Chancellor's Award (Spring 2014)

  • Beau Norget, Bioengineering
  • Payam Yousefi, Bioengineering
  • Taylor Furtado, Bioengineering (team award)
  • Kyle Lawrence, Electrical Engineering (team award)
  • Alexander Lynchosky, Computer Science (team award)
  • Ivan Romero, Bioengineering & Computer Engineering (team award)
  • Michael Sit, Computer Engineering (team award)

Dean's Award (Spring 2014)

  • Akshar Lohith, Bioengineering
  • Carolynn Jimenez, Computer Science
  • Felipe Contreras, Electrical Engineering
  • Ikuru Kanuma, Robotics Engineering
  • Julie Do, Computer Engineering (team award)
  • Kayla Hidalgo, Electrical Engineering (team award)
  • William Ye, Computer Engineering (team award)
  • Thomas Goddard, Computer Science (team award)
  • Konstantin Litovskiy, Computer Science (team award)
  • Nathan Nicols-Roy, Computer Science (team award)
  • Matthew Reed, MCD Biology (team award)
  • Igor Shvartser, Mathematics (team award)
  • Nicholas Smith, Computer Science (team award)
  • David Zeppa, Computer Science (team award)

Baskin Endowed Scholarship

  • Coy Humphrey, Computer Science
  • Remington Maxwell, Computer Science
  • Robert Calef, Bioinformatics
  • Forrest Kerslager, Computer Science

Dove Family Scholarship

  • Richard Pham, Computer Science

EBay Inspire! Scholarship

  • Enrica Beltran, Computer Science
  • Kristy Brambila, Computer Science
  • Esmeralda Carrillo, Computer Engineering
  • Trieste Devlin, Robotics Engineering
  • Cassandra Gordon, Computer Science
  • Nanveet Kaur, Electrical Engineering
  • Anh Dung Pham, Computer Science
  • Alisa Prusa, Computer Science: Computer Game Design

Huffman Prize

  • Payam Yousefi, Bioengineering

David S. Lee Scholarship

  • Morgan McDermott, Computer Science
  • Jonathan Lu, Computer Science: Computer Game Design
  • Matthew P. Henry, Electrical Engineering

Liu Family Scholarship

  • Keuren Parra Moreno, Computer Science

Patrick Mantey Undergraduate Student Leadership Award

  • Brittany Arthur, Computer Science

Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship

  • Sandra Avila, Computer Engineering
  • Elizabeth Cepernich, Computer Engineering
  • Benjamin Chainey, Electrical Engineering
  • Thomas Deeb, Computer Science: Computer Game Design
  • Audrey Fabian, Computer Science: Computer Game Design
  • Stephanie Kwok, Electrical Engineering
  • Winnie Lei, Bioengineering
  • Leqi Lu, Computer Science
  • Wai Han Mak, Computer Science
  • Elena Montesino, Computer Engineering
  • Mimi Allison Petersen, Electrical Engineering
  • Megan Vassey, Computer Science
  • Connie Yu, Computer Science

Robert H. Triebig Memorial Scholarship

(all Electrical Engineering majors)

  • Luis Alberto Ceja Quiroz
  • Matthew P. Henry
  • Jose R. Maravilla
  • Zachary Y. Martinson
  • Mimi A. Petersen