2016-2017 Honors, Scholarships And Award Recipients

The Jack Baskin School of Engineering announced recipients and scholars for the undergraduate awards and scholarships, recognizing their outstanding commitment to engineering, academic achievements, and leadership. Congratulations to all the students for their outstanding academic achievement.

Dean's And Chancellor's Award (Spring 2017)

  • Aviv Alor, Robotics
  • Henry Hinton, Bioengineering
  • Edmundo Perez, Bioengineering

Dean's Award (Spring 2017)

  • Marco Antonio, Computer Engineering
  • Jamielynne Batugo, Computer Engineering
  • Michael Bissani, Network and Digital Technology/Electrical Engineering
  • Matthew Carber, Computer Engineering
  • Joseph Carlos, Computer Engineering
  • Conrad Christensen, Electrical Engineering
  • Alexander Phillip Martin Ginnold, Bioengineering
  • Mark Harrington, Electrical Engineering
  • Vrindavan Harrison, Computer Science
  • Xiang He, Electrical Engineering
  • Navneet Kaur, Electrical Engineering
  • Jacob Lee, Electrical Engineering
  • Kevin Chung-Kit Lee, Computer Engineering
  • Parick Lee, Network and Digital Technology/Electrical Engineering
  • Maximillian Marin, Bioinformatics minor
  • Andrew Mikhail, Bioengineering
  • Matthew Moranda, Electrical Engineering
  • Brian Nichols, Computer Engineering
  • Erick Ortega, Electrical Engineering
  • Jesus Soto, Electrical Engineering
  • Marcel Tress, Electrical Engineering
  • August Valera, Computer Engineering/Computer Science
  • Eric Wells, Electrical Engineering
  • Jeffrey Zheng, Electrical Engineering

Baskin Endowed Scholarship

  • Patrick Buddeberg-Neff, Computer Engineering
  • Rebecca Bui, Computer Science
  • Janesh Chhabra, Computer Science
  • Jacquelene Baonhi Pham, Computer Science
  • John Samuel Sorenson, Computer Science

Baskin Scholars

  • Yvonne Gonzalez, Computer Science
  • Remeal Holloway, Computer Science
  • Angela Rodriguez, Computer Engineering
  • Sage Somers, Computer Engineering
  • Vanessa Webber, Computer Engineering

Huffman Prize

  • Andrew Mikhail, Bioengineering

David S. Lee Scholarship

  • Saketh Akula, Technology and Information Management
  • William Hastings Bolden, Computer Science
  • Stanley Tang, Computer Science

Mary Katherine Long Endowed Scholarship

  • Luz Lule Camargo, Electrical Engineering
  • Joselin Perez, Bioengineering


Patrick Mantey Undergraduate Student Leadership Award

  • Isabel Stumfall, Robotics/Electrical Engineering


Ira And Kate Pohl Endowed Scholarship

  • Sabrina Tsui, Computer Science

Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship

  • Allyson Campos, Computer Science
  • Elizabeth Cerpernich, Computer Engineering
  • Jessica Del Rio, Computer Science
  • Stephanie Dysart, SOE Undecided
  • Jorge Henriquez, SOE Undeclared
  • Cindy Hernandez-Rivas, Bioengineering
  • Timothy Hong, Computer Science
  • Kevin Johnson, Electrical Engineering
  • Brittany Lei, SOE Undeclared
  • Hui Shi Li, Computer Science
  • Celine Pena, SOE Undecided
  • Michelle Nguyen, Computer Science
  • Servin-Cendejas, Gabriela, SOE Undeclared
  • Alice Yu, Computer Science

Robert H. Triebig Memorial Scholarship

(all Electrical Engineering majors)

  • Xueqing Bai
  • Sierra Jade
  • Maxfield Krause