Interested in Natural Language Processing? Attend the 2021 NLP Capstone Workshop!

Event Date/Time
August 27, 2021, 9:30am
Event Location
The event will be held online.

Natural language processing (NLP) is a rapidly growing field with applications in many of the technologies we use every day, from virtual assistants and smart speakers to autocorrect. UCSC has created a unique Master’s program in NLP to provide students with the skills and in-depth knowledge of NLP algorithms, technologies, and applications that are in high demand in both industry and academia. 


Our program goes beyond the classroom by supplying students with industry-relevant projects for the kind of real-world experience that is essential for a successful career in NLP. Students of this 1-year intensive program participate in a 3-quarter capstone project that extensively covers both industry relevant and research focused topics in the NLP field. Students receive instruction and collaborate with experts from industry giants like IBM, Microsoft, Amazon and Bloomberg.


On Friday, August 27th, 2021, UCSC NLP MS students will showcase their capstone projects at the inaugural NLP Capstone Workshop. Each team will be given time to present and answer questions, attendees are welcome to participate in discussion. The workshop will start at 9:30am PDT and will conclude at 2:30pm PDT. 


In addition to the presentations, we will be hosting a career panel with highly esteemed members of the NLP field. Please register by 5pm on August 26th to attend the workshop:


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