JOIN OUR UCSC TECH COMMUNITY PLATFORM (only taking first 200 people)

Hey fellow slugs, since taking CSE 115 (software engineering) with Jullig, we have been taking our class project to the next level and have been working on it ever since the past year along with taking upper divs, it would mean a lot if you cld check it out here  -

The idea is that we don't know much about different career paths/specialties outside the ones we are exposed to (whether through family/friends, internships, etc.), yet career decisions are life changing. All careers should be made fully transparent to us (Day to day life, interview process, what career in X actually means, etc.)! So we created a place where anyone can share their job experiences, so we can learn from each other's job experience, and more about the careers we're interested in.

Open to any feedback on how we can improve this! It's still very much in beta stage. But we're trying our best to bring transparency to career paths with our CS115/183 knowledge. We will be adding new features very soon:

1. Comments/Upvotes - so you can interact and ask questions (it's like reddit AMAs) to posters (working professionals in tech)

2. Personal Feed - You can see the newest posts from the careers of ur interest all in one place (e.g. Software Engineer, Machine learning engineer, etc.)

3. More data points for more accurate bar charts

We are getting a lot of interest from other external forums (reddit, HackerNews, etc), but we want to keep it a tight knit community and have a strong UCSC presence and to give back to Slug community. If you're interested in the vision we're building , here's the waitlist - (cap at 200 atm, we won't accept more people to join our community after 200 atm). The reason we have a waitlist for now is because we're trying to keep it a tight knit community once we launch (overcrowding diminishes quality).