Join Slugbotics!

Slugbotics is a UCSC student-led robotics club that focuses on hands-on robotics design and fabrication. We design underwater ROVs for the MATE robotics competition, self-driving 1/10 scale racecars for F1TENTH, and long range UAVs for CITRIS.

Slugbotics welcomes students of all majors and levels of experience. If directly working on the projects that we described above doesn't sound interesting to you, reach out to us and we can talk about branching into other areas of robotics, personal projects, and business/administrative roles.

This Fall quarter, we will hold “onboarding” classes, where we teach all the skills you need to contribute to the team, as a 3-unit university course (CRSN 151C). In Winter and Spring, we start designing our underwater ROV and programming the 1/10 scale racecar. You can join different sub-teams that focus on CAD, machining, electronics/PCB design, low-level systems, or advanced programming. Taking these courses is not needed to join the team, but can be a great way to learn new skills that can be applied to your own projects as well.

If you are interested in learning more about what we do, please check out our website, join our slack! We look forward to seeing you!