Looking for Motivated Part Time Front End Devs and Software Engineers to join our AI EdTech Project


About Us:

We are building a Career Mentorship platform powered by AI - you type in your career questions and we use AI to connect you to the right mentors who have the most similar past experience and struggles as you to answer them!

e.g. You are a Biology major trying to switch into Machine Learning? We will use AI to find you to the exact person who has already done that switch that you can ask questions to.

Our old website is here: https://pathfinder.fyi/  , we are pivoting our direction to revolving around an AI Search interface and much better social experience.


We are a small team of 8 that consists of mission driven designers, engineers, and students. We all work on this project part time to solve the challenge of exploring, choosing, and changing careers that we all faced personally. Our engineering team is lead by our co-founders who work at Google, Amazon, and Nvidia. We are currently applying for funding so there is potential to conversion to full time paid roles.

Why join us?

1. You will learn how to build real products in a software engineer environment (engineering best practices, working with cross-func teams, etc.)

2. We build and deploy new features rapidly, often giving you ownership and autonomy of the feature that you own. We iterate fast therefore you will learn more.

3. You get to learn from our co-founders who are all UCSC Alumni including Software Engineer and Machine Learning Engineers from Google, Amazon, Nvidia.

4. You will be exposed to everything that makes up a startup (product, marketing, engineering) and participate in system design of a Full Stack Application.

5. You will be exposed to building a LLM AI Application!!!! (VectorDB, Semantic Search, NLP, etc. are all super hot new in-demand skills being introduced to the industry

Open Roles:

We are looking for like-minded people to fill the following roles:

  1. Front End Engineer:

a. A product minded front end developer that will work very closely with our designers to build the User facing features that will be used by our users directly.

b. Good eye for design and ability to make product decisions.

c. Very comfortable with using HTML/CSS, React, and other modern JS frameworks

  1. Software Engineer (Full Stack):

a. We are looking for someone with strong App Development skills to be able to contribute to the entire stack (React, Node.js, Express, MongoDB) and pick up new skills/technology when needed.

b. Comfortable with Javascript

c. Past experiences with building Backend API Endpoints

d. Past experience working with DBs for applications (preferably noSQL)

If you’re interested, please email team@pathfinder.fyi with your resume and fill out this form first: https://forms.gle/Y2eAbuJrzfcW9iXR9