Looking for successful students for Blog Interviews - FAANG Principal Engineer answers common career questions

Hi Everyone! 

We're a group of UCSC students building Pathfinder - our mission is to bring transparency to different career paths. We're currently looking for students who have successful track record of getting internships or offers from reputable tech companies to do a blog interviews with us. 

Here's a recent blog article we posted - FAANG Principal Engineer Answers Common Career Questions

More about Pathfinder, we are top 15 teams out of 460+ teams in Tiger Launch - World's Biggest student run Entrepreneurship Competition. Pathfinder is a crowdsourcing platform where any professional can share insights about their job concisely to help others navigate career paths. If you're passionate about our mission and have experiences in Web Dev, UIUX, or Product/Marketing, please reach out to us - team@pathfinder.fyi