LSS is Hiring Tutors!


Are you interested in becoming a campus leader and deepening relationships with other students, faculty, and staff at UCSC, while getting paid to do it?

Apply to be a Tutor or Learning Assistant for Winter 2022! Tutors and Learning Assistants work with Learning Support Services (LSS) independently facilitating weekly collaborative learning sessions to deepen students’ knowledge and practice course skills.  

What positions is LSS hiring for?


What Courses is LSS Hiring Tutoring Support For? 

Biomolecular Engineering

BME 160 - Small Group Tutor 


Computer Science and Engineering

CSE 100 -Small Group Tutor 

CSE 12- SI Leader 

CSE 107 - Modified Supplemental Instruction 

CSE 111 - Modified Supplemental Instruction 

CSE 111 - Modified Supplemental Instruction 

CSE 120 - Modified Supplemental Instruction 

CSE 120 - Modified Supplemental Instruction 

CSE 13S - Modified Supplemental Instruction 


Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE 101 - Small Group Tutor 



MATH 100 - Small Group Tutor 

MATH 110 - Small Group Tutor 

MATH 111A - Small Group Tutor 



STAT 131 - Modified Supplemental Instruction 

STAT 7- Modified Supplemental Instruction 


How to Apply

  1. Fill out the LSS Applicant Form 

  2. After, go to the UCSC Career Center website, and fill out an application for job number 0527.

  3. Upon submission of your application, you will receive an automated email to fill out another application form. Please ignore this email and do not fill out the form, since you have already filled out the Recruitment Application form.

Don't wait! Applications close on December 10th! 

Why should you work for LSS?

  • Learn leadership and communication skills - become an on-campus leader!

  • Learn about educational theory that works to dismantle inequities at UCSC 

  • Learn how to become an equity-minded educator

  • Be a role model for students in classes you took and feel confident in!

  • Work with other students and staff with similar values as you 

  • Work with faculty in your major


What type of qualities does LSS look for in a strong applicant? 

  • Someone interested in offering representation for their community in academia 

  • Someone who cares about giving back to their communities and wants to see them succeed 

  • Someone who knows what it’s like to struggle in a class 

  • Someone who understands that privilege affects what type of education folks have access to 

  • Someone interested in making education accessible to everyone

  • Someone with strong listening skills, values and respects diverse cultures, is growth-oriented, and has a willingness to reflect


If you have any questions about the positions, please feel free to contact Learning Support Services at ( You can also stop by our Front Desk Zoom with this link Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 2-6 pm or in-person at ARC 221 M/W/F 9 am -12 pm and T/TH 11:30 am -1:30 pm.