Lyft Coding Competition for CS Students

HelixCases and Lyft are working together to put on a coding competition around the country for freshman, sophomores, and juniors with wide-ranging CS experience. Lyft wants to have an early touchpoint with students to attract the best talent next Fall, and they listed UC Santa Cruz in particular as a target school.

The competition is set to be open for a week, starting April 13th and closing April 20th. In this time, students can sign on and participate solo, or in teams of 2 or 3. They'll have 24 hours to submit once started, but the problem shouldn't take more than three hours to complete. Participating will offer them 1) great real-world programming and problem solving, 2) exposure to Lyft for internship/job recruiting, 3) a $3,000 prize pool.

The CS students at UC Santa Cruz could greatly benefit from this opportunity, and they can sign up for updates and relevant information regarding the Lyft competition on our business facing site: