MESA Day Volunteer Outreach

Dear UCSC Orgs,

I am writing to ask for your help in making our annual event, MESA Day (March 4th), a success. MESA Day is a special event that spotlights 6th-12th graders who participate in challenging math, science, engineering, and technology competitions at the UCSC Baskin School of Engineering.

On MESA Day, students have the opportunity to meet STEM career professionals, take part in college presentations, and showcase projects they have designed and built. This is a fantastic opportunity for these students to learn more about the possibilities available to them in the STEM field, especially for those students who may not have as many resources.

As a volunteer, you will play a crucial role in helping these students succeed. Your time and effort will go a long way in helping these students to see the potential that lies within them.

To sign up to volunteer, please visit this link:

Thank you for considering this opportunity to give back to our community and help these students achieve their full potential.