[Misfit Lab] Focus Group Participants Wanted!

Misfit lab is conducting a study (Overseen by Kate Ringland, Ph.D.). We are conducting a research study to investigate elements that contribute to safe virtual spaces to foster social growth in individuals.

Join us in an in-person focus group and chat about your experiences in online spaces and co-design an interface
you'd like. Your input will help us in designing a mobile game that will help foster social interactions.

We are looking for any undergraduates over the age of 18 to participate in an in-person focus group/workshop to discuss their experiences in gaming communities as well as social media platforms. The workshop will be approximately 2 hours long. All participants will be compensated with a $30 Amazon Gift Card for their time. 

If interested, visit our Qualtrics survey to fill out our screening form: https://tinyurl.com/prosocial-survey

Questions? Contact Franky at fbdoming@ucsc.edu.