Need to Satisfy Your GE Requirements? Humanizing Tech Courses Have You Covered!

“Humanizing Technology,” is a new certificate program that provides humanities training targeted to early-career engineering undergraduate students at UC Santa Cruz. Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities under their Humanities Initiatives at Hispanic-Serving Institutions program, the project brings humanistic methods and thinking to contemporary issues in technology and engineering.


More information can be found on the webpage or check out videos on each course below:


HUMN 15 Ethics and Technology (Perspectives on Technology Gen Ed, offered Spring and Summer 2023)
This course explores ethical, social, and political issues raised by existing and emerging technologies.
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HUMN 25 Humans and Machines (Textual Analysis Gen Ed, offered Winter and Summer 2023)
This course explores the tension between humans and machines, between people and objects increasingly resembling them.
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HUMN 35 Language Technology (Cross-Cultural Analysis Gen Ed, offered Winter 2023)
This course provides a comparative, historical framing of the development of communication technologies and practices, considering a variety of cultures and societies across human history.
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HUMN 45 Race and Technology (Ethnicity and Race Gen Ed, offered Spring and Summer 2023)
This course examines how the construction of race connects with constructs in science and technology.
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HUMN 55 Technologies of Representation (Interpreting Arts and Media Gen Ed, offered Spring and Summer 2023)
Focusing on technologies of representation like photographs, selfies, and surveillance data, this course explores how viewers and makers derive meaning from images and how power operates in their creation and circulation.
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