NeurotechSC placed first in the US at NeuroTechX's competition

NeuroTechSC is proud to announce that we placed 1st in the US at NeuroTechX’s annual student competition! Although McGill University won globally, UCSC’s neurotech club still outperformed UCLA, UCSD, UC Davis, and UIUC in our very first year competing. Our project, Boolepathy, is a silent speech interface that uses machine learning and subvocal recognition to enable synthetic telepathy.

We would like to thank all our members who have contributed their time and effort over the past several months to make this success possible. Moving forward, we’re looking for students who share our passion for neurotechnology to join our community and contribute to our ongoing subvocal recognition project.

If you’re interested in brain-computer interfaces, neuroscience, or artificial intelligence, please join us using the form below!

Interested in our project? Watch the demo here:

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