The Next Gen SAM $20,000 Scholarship Opportunity

We are providing information on a $20,000 scholarship opportunity that may be of interest to you as a BSOE undergraduate, who may be interested in a career in Applied Mathematics and/or Scientific Computing. This scholarship to students in ALL BSOE majors wishing to pursue an MS in Scientific Computing and Applied Mathematics (see below).


If you have never heard about Applied Mathematics/Scientific Computing or thought about graduate school, please watch this video to learn what Applied Mathematics is, the wide range of amazing career opportunities that a degree can open, and why continuing into graduate school for just one more year can seriously boost your chances of securing your dream job.


The Next Gen SAM scholarship program:

The Next Gen SAM program at UCSC provides 2-year scholarships (up to $10,000/year for 2 years) for low-income students interested in pursuing the 4+1 program leading to the Master of Science degree in Scientific Computing and Applied Mathematics. 


Students are invited to join the program based on financial needs and remarkable academic achievements, among other criteria. More specifically, applications are open to all BSOE students with junior standing, registered with FAFSA, and who have a minimum of 3.3 GPA, who are planning to graduate from their undergraduate major next academic year. Successful candidates will start receiving the scholarship next academic year (starting in the Fall) for 2 years. Read more on how to apply here.


The Next Gen SAM program has already helped many UCSC students from low-income backgrounds succeed in the 4+1 program, graduate with an MS, and secure jobs in Silicon Valley. In addition to the scholarships, the program offers a range of other critical resources. Watch this brief video to learn more.



If you want to find out more, have a look at the program website and do not hesitate to connect with the scholarship program counselor, Wassila George, or the director, Pascale Garaud ( to set up a zoom meeting.