Okinawa Memories Initiative is Recruiting New Students

The Okinawa Memories Initiative (OMI) is a non-profit organization and public history project that explores the postwar history of Okinawa, Japan from a global perspective through collaborative storytelling. OMI creates connections spanning across generations and borders through providing an outlet for memories and contributing to an inclusive historical narrative. 


OMI is a big project and offers a multitude of opportunities including: archival work, media production, website development, oral history, community outreach, language translation, and exhibition planning. The project invites students of all backgrounds and skills to join us. As part of the OMI team, students have the opportunity to gain professional and academic skills. Those who join this project are able to choose their level of commitment and which teams they would like to work with. 


For more information please visit our website! I have also attached our recruitment brochure. Interested students can email