Open Source Research Experience Summer 2021 Program accepting proposals

Proposals from undergraduate students are now being accepted for the Summer 2021 OSRE Program. Deadline for Student Applications is April 30.

Interested students should check out our ideas page and contact the relevant mentors before finalizing their application. 

For Summer 2021, the Center for Research in Open Source Software (CROSS) is seeking undergraduates interested in working on open source software projects at UC Santa Cruz. CROSS has created a list of project ideas that can be used as a basis for student project proposals. The goal of this program is to increase student capabilities in working in open source projects, add productive contributors to on-going projects, and further promote open source at UC Santa Cruz.

CROSS values diversity and inclusion in all our projects. We invite students from traditionally underrepresented groups in tech and open source communities to apply to this program. Due to the open source nature of all CROSS projects, contributions are welcomed from both UC Santa Cruz and non-UC Santa Cruz students.

More Information for Undergraduates Students Interest in Applying