Opportunities in the Tech4Good Lab

The Tech4Good Lab has a few positions open for undergraduate students. We are looking for people who are extremely responsible, love learning, and have a strong drive to apply technology for social good. Our active projects include:

  • Causeway: we are building out a platform which teaches people to code through micro-roles, and that stitches these contributions together to build websites for nonprofits.
  • Collectively: we are developing ways to support and network reading groups and other in-person small group activities to create new collective knowledge systems.
  • Tuto: we are developing conversational agents/UX that guide primary school students in reasoning through math problems.

Each of these projects are aimed at both producing publishable knowledge as well as systems to be deployed to real users. We are looking for around 2 new team members from those with interests or experience matching one of the following roles:

  • UI/UX designer: good eye for visual design and intuition for usability. experience with web design tools like Figma or Sketch ideal,
  • Developer + writer: interested in learning web development technologies and writing guides for others while they learn,
  • Participatory designer + math tutor: we are looking for someone who likes to interact with users. a heavy part of this role will be iterating on prototypes through mini-tutoring sessions with elementary students, conducting interviews, and using qualitative techniques to analyze transcripts of the tutoring process and interview,
  • Math lover: someone who likes modeling, algorithms, and mathematical proofs.

Joining requires a commitment of 10 hours/week for the quarter. Most positions are unpaid for independent study credit, but there is a small stipend of $750 on top of independent study credits for those who have time to commit 15 hours/week. 


If you are interested, fill out the Tech4Good Lab Interest Form and send an email to David Lee (dlee105@ucsc.edu).

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