Opportunity to participate in a compensated user study

Are you an iPhone user? Do you take the campus shuttle on a regular basis?
If so, you are invited to participate in the SBLE-iOS data collection study and contribute to a research project on public transit. Participants are asked to install our SBLE-iOS app on their iPhone, and to respond to a few prompts from the app when they ride a campus shuttle. 
If you accept to participate, you will receive a $30 gift card after you install the SBLE-iOS app. In addition, from May to September of 2023, we will give out a $150 gift card each month to a top app user.
Please click here for details and for the link to the participation form.
Questions? Send email to Professor Roberto Manduchi manduchi@soe.ucsc.edu.
This research is supported by the National Science Foundation (grant No. CNS-2125279).